Tuesday, November 03, 2009

San Diego: Political Nuthouse

San Diego voters passed a measure two years ago that required the city to examine outsourcing all city services except police and fire protection. The measure has a clause that existing city departments should be allowed to bid against private contractors, and that the private contract should not be awarded unless their bid was at least 10% below the city workers' bid.

The mayor has been pursuing that effort but has been blocked by the City Council. All but one City Council members are heavily financed by, wait for it, public workers' unions. I'm sure that comes as a big surprise to you.

Now the City Council has come up with a new reason for blocking private companies from bidding. They say it would be unfair because the private companies do not have to pay union wages and are not subject to the high pension contributions that the city is required to make for its workers. So private companies should not bid because, wait for it, they cost less.

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bruce said...

yuck... more nonsense by politicians, power plays and entrenced bodies.

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