Sunday, November 22, 2009

Football Weekend

I started watching the San Diego State vs. Utah thing but decided to watch a college football game instead. LSU's defense has been a disappointment all year, but what was that nonsense during the last 49 seconds? 3 plays in 48 seconds and then spiking the ball when there's one second on the clock before you line up; really? Georgia hawked up a big hairball in the second half, and Kansas fared even worse than SDSU. Arizona lost a squeaker.

I can only hope that the Chargers don't similarly wrap things up.

Evening update:
How pathetic are the Ravens? Seven, count 'em seven, trips in the red zone and all they get is five field goals. Did Dallas just win over Washington by a mere 7-6? Really? And did the Raiders beat the Bengals on the same weekend that the Chiefs beat the Steelers? The NFL is getting wierd.

We Won

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