Saturday, November 21, 2009

Spurious Arguments

I don't know why I keep being flabbergasted by dumb arguments.

Chris Matthews cannot understand the “downside” to voting to allow debate in the Senate even if you are against the bill itself and will in due course vote against it later when it comes to a vote.

He has a very short term memory and doesn’t recall, “he was for it before he was against it,” and “he flip-flopped on health care reform.” I would say losing an election because your opponent hammered you for six months as being indecisive is a definite “downside.”

A commenter on another blog said that he was certain that the CRA was the cause of the housing bubble and the current financial crisis because,
"I worked at a bank that was subject to the CRA, and I saw it at work."

The would mean that if you lived in a house that fell down because it was eaten by termites you could be certain that the Loma Prieta earthquake, during which houses fell down, was caused by termites.

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