Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Arugula is Thriving

Paul Krugman has been touting the recovering economy for some time, easy to do when you see only numbers and are unaware of, you know, people. So he has decided to walk around the neighborhoods for his blog post today, but apparently his purpose was not to actually see any people because he chose to walk around Princeton and New York City so that he could observe the "home remodeling, tear-downs replacing old houses" that also spells recovery to him in an upscale area that even he admits, "are likely beneficiaries of the return of big Wall Street bonuses, making them unrepresentative." Which doesn't keep him from waxing optimistic.

So he concludes, "walking around, things look better than I expected."

Fatuous commentary like that gives real credence to the supposition that this nation is governed by a wealthy, isolated elite that is unaware of and uncaring about the underclass that they "rule."

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