Sunday, March 24, 2019

Tiny, Tiny Violin

The violin that I am playing for Will Power is so small that it cannot be seen with the naked eye. He waited until he and one other car were the only ones who had not made their final pit stops and, sure enough, a wreck brought out the yellow flag and put him at the rear of the field.

He subsequently claimed that the rules need to be changed as, “We are the only series that does that.” Boo hoo. He sounds like Danica Patrick, and is absolutely filled with to the same level as she is with donkey crap. All series have the same rules on pitting and caution flags. What would he have them do, require all cars to pit during every caution whether they need to or not? Moron.

It was irrelevant in any case, because caution or not, he was going to have to pit, and he popped his clutch so abruptly when leaving the pit box that he broke his own drive shaft. Double moron.

I can appreciate his frustration, but whining about it like a fifth grader is in poor taste.

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