Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Diversionary Tactics

The uproar raised over comments by the Somali lady in Congress is both baffling and completely predictable, and it would be laughable beyond measure if it was not so utterly destructive to our democracy.

She complained, in effect, that Jewish money is buying votes in Congress, and the uproar is about “hate speech” and anti-Semitism. Let me place the emphasis where it belongs in her statement.

She said that Jewish money is buying votes in Congress.

That’s called bribery. She’s calling out elected legislators for taking bribes, and they react by talking about everything except the part where they are taking bribes. The fact that the money goes into their campaign coffers instead of into their personal accounts where they can spend it on themselves doesn’t make it any less a bribe. They are still spending that money for their own personal benefit, namely their own reelection to a position of power that they personally want to retain.

Whether it’s Jewish money or Gentile money is irrelevant. Legislative votes of both political parties are being bought with cash. That’s what she said, and that is what is not being talked about.

We use the euphemism of “money in politics” so that we can avoid admitting that we know that our elected representatives are being bribed, accepting cold hard cash in exchange for passing legislation which is against our best interest.

We know that legislators were paid cash by the health insurance companies to leave the “public option” out of the “Obamacare” health care reform bill. And we reelected 85% of them because we called it “money in politics” instead of openly recognizing it as the bribery that it was.

And that bribery will continue unabated because every time the subject comes up we allow the recipients of those bribes to divert us with talk of, in this case, “hate speech” or some other diversionary topic.

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