Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Impeach Him Anyway

When an army gets demolished in battle, it falls back to regroup, rearm, tend the wounded, replace the dead and rebuild morale. Not so Democrats. When they get utterly routed in one attack they simply pretend the attack never happened and move into the next one without even pausing to draw breath.

After almost two years of running premature victory laps about the devastation which would be visited upon Donald Trump by the report from Saint Robert the King Slayer, their reaction to “there is no evidence that the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government” is breathtaking in the speed with which it discards that mode of attack and seamlessly moves on to the next.

I would add to that metaphor that they left the ground behind them littered with the dead and dying from the battle lost, except that they don’t accept that any battle was lost or that anyone died or was wounded fighting it. They simply forget that the battle ever took place, and are already engaged in the next one.

“Aha,” they say, “but Saint Robert the King Slayer neither confirms not denies that Trump obstructed justice.” Which to them, of course, is certain evidence the Mueller found that he did and, for some reason, simply doesn’t want to say so. Why he would not want to say so is unclear, given that finding Trump guilty of something was his whole purpose in life for almost two full years.

In any case, considering that the underlying crime did not occur, obstruction of the pursuit of justice for a crime that was not committed seems rather moot, but Democrats are not going to let that stop them. Logic and reason has never been their strong suit.

There are some stalwarts who want to impeach Trump anyway, apparently for something that it has now been proven that he didn’t do, which would certainly be novel. Or they want to impeach him for something the Russians did, which is even more creative, but Saint Robert the King Slayer did, after all, indict a certain number of Russians for something.

The Russian indictment is turning out to be something of an embarrassment, though and the Democrats might not want to embrace it, because Saint Robert the King Slayer never thought the Russians would be stupid enough to show up in an American court to defend themselves.

They did, though, and Saint Robert the King Slayer tried to keep them out by telling the court that he had not been able to serve them with a subpoena. The judge was nonplussed by this and retorted that the subpoena was simply a notice to appear and, “Served or not, they’re here, so what’s your problem?”

The Russians then asked for “discovery,” which requires that the prosecution deliver the evidence against them, and Saint Robert the King Slayer told the judge that he wasn’t ready yet. The judge was nonplussed again and a little pissed off and asked, “If you don’t have your evidence together, why are you here?” The reality is, Saint Robert the King Slayer has no evidence, never dreamed he would need any, and the case is in imminent danger of being thrown out of court.

Which may have something to do with why his report “neither denies nor confirms” any obstruction of justice against Trump. He really wanted to charge it, but if he did and the case came before that same judge, he’d be screwed when Trump’s lawyer asked for discovery and Saint Robert the King Slayer “wasn’t ready.”

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