Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Refuting Mindlessly

Those who know me know that I am emphatically not a fan of Donald Trump, but listening to Pelosi and Schumer last night made me wonder if this nation is being governed at all.

“Let’s end this shutdown,” they urged, “so that we can continue discussing border security.” Just like they did before the shutdown. If that “discussion” had been showing any promise whatever of leading to resolution there would not have been a shutdown. Apparently Pelosi and Schumer are not aware of that. Let's end the shutdown so we can go back to doing what caused the shutdown.

Let me repeat that. They are seriously suggesting, "Let's end the shutdown so that we can go back to doing what led to the shutdown."

The real kicker, though is their rebuttal to Trump’s claim that 90% of the drugs that are killing people “came across our southern border.” No, they claim, it did not. It came from Mexico, they admit, but it came through legal ports of entry.

So these legal ports of entry from Mexico are apparently not on our southern border? Where are they then? Inquiring minds want to know.

And, wait… What?!  These illegal drugs came in legally? Or are we just not checking what people are carrying when they come in through these “legal ports of entry” from Mexico which are not on our southern border?

Pelosi and Schumer looked and sounded in that televised rebuttal like they were some sort of walking dead (except they weren’t in motion), and the content of their rebuttal was most certainly brain dead.

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  1. bruce9:38 AM

    we're back to the Middle ages where barons are feuding and the peasants are paying the price.

    Oh wait, sorry... Middle school.. Or better yet, kindergarten. With Trump anyway. Don't these people know how to deal with toddlers? they've never had children?