Monday, January 21, 2019

Oh No, Romo Again

The Super Bowl will be on CBS, and I may not watch it because doing so will mean another three hours of listening of Tony Romo worshipping and swooning over the New England Patriots. This does not have to do with the Kansas City Chiefs breaking my heart yesterday, I was ready to kill that blithering idiot well before the game started.

During the game Romo described as new and amazing one Patriots play in which the linemen drop back and pass block, and then the quarterback makes a delayed hand off to the running back. He even diagrammed it on screen for us ending with, “they think you’re going to pass and then you run.” He almost wet himself describing the innovative genius of Bill Belichick.

Well, not quite, you moron. It’s called a “draw play.” There are 31 other teams in the NFL who run that precise same play, in precisely that same manner, and they’ve been doing it for more than fifty years. It’s as common as white stripes on a bone-headed referee, and it was designed and implemented well before Bill Belichick was even born.

Romo wasn’t very bright when he quarterbacked the Dallas Cowboys, either.

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  1. bruce9:32 AM

    But he's a talking head now, so it's been emptied. Or infected. Or something. Or maybe he wasn't that bright. Whatever. If three's a reason not to watch SBLIII, he's not it. Background noise.