Thursday, January 19, 2017

Some Moral Compass

Some fifty Democrats have made a major production out of announcing that they will not attend the Trump inauguration. Turns out most of them were not invited, as Trump wanted the affair to be held less for the “elites” and “more for common people.” It may have been just a bit tacky of Trump and company not to invite these Democrats, but given that fact, their grand gesture lacks a certain degree of substance.

“If you’re not going to invite me to your party then I’ll show you a thing or two. I won’t go to your party. So there. Pffffbht.”

Much of the Democratic newly found moral compass lacks substance, given that their outrage is against behavior in which they themselves were engaged just a year a few months ago.

When, during the campaign, it was demanded of Donald Trump that he avow that he would accept the result of the election regardless of its outcome and he declined to do so, he was loudly and vigorously castigated by Hillary Clinton and her associates, and was the target of veiled accusations of treason. He was, you may recall, assumed to be the loser of the election.

Now it is the Democrats who are openly throwing into question the legitimacy of the election based on the popular vote, Russian hacking, Trump’s treatment of women, and actions of the FBI; none of which have any actual legal basis whatever.

Women are marching against him because of the way he treats women, notwithstanding that his opponent received fewer votes from women than Obama did in either of his two elections. So they didn’t bother to vote against him, but they will march against him.

Democrats are outraged that Trump is not getting rid of the businesses which he owns. They are outraged because the Trump children will be raking in cash for those businesses from nations and companies who stand to gain from presidential policies.

Democrats were not outraged by a gigantic charitable foundation run by the spouse of the Secretary of State raking in cash from nations and companies who stood to gain from national policies and did not seem to be unhappy with that continuing after Clinton was elected to the White House. Interestingly, now that the Clintons are no longer in a position of power, that foundation is laying off most of its staff since the "donations" have dried up.

So apparently Democrats think that it’s okay for husbands to collect bribes in behalf of the president (and Secretary of State), it’s just not okay for children to do so.

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t like Trump. I didn’t vote for him and don’t like a lot of what he stands for. But this effort by the political left wing to delegitimize the election and the office of President of the United States is shameful.


  1. Anonymous12:20 AM

    "But this effort by the political right wing to delegitimize the election and the office of President of the United States is shameful. "

    Well the right-wing dont delegitimize the election right? Its the democrats, and they are no right-wingers.

  2. Sorry, corrected my error. I meant to say the effort by the political left wing to...