Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Cracking Me Up Today

Some 200 protestors are camped in front of Dianne Feinstein’s house, complaining that the California Democratic Senator has “fallen in line with the president's positions and cabinet nominees 100 percent of the time,” and criticizing her for not answering her phone. The organization FiveThirtyEight calculates that she has a pro-Trump score higher than some Republicans.

It sort of cracks me up because she proves my suggestion that in this state you could run a dead jackass for office and it would win as long as you labeled it a Democrat.

There is actually nothing new about her voting record; her pro-Bush score was as high as is her pro-Trump score, and she won the 2012 primary election with 49% of the vote. Her nearest challenger, the Republican, got 12% of the vote and nobody else was above single digits.

But the voters blame her, of course, for supporting Trump, not themselves for reelecting her after she supported Bush. They probably didn’t know she supported Bush, they only knew that she has “Democrat” after her name on the ballot. She is not actually a Democrat, and never has been.

California has an open primary for everything except President, and the net result in the 2016 election was that there were two Democratic females on the ballot for the US Senate seat formerly held by Barbara Boxer, another Democratic female. Perhaps I should have made my saying that, “you could run a dead female jackass and…”

I suspect that Bruce is going to say that in 2012 we did run a dead female jackass and that it did win.

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  1. bruce8:37 AM

    Um, whom might that dead female jackass have been, pray tell?

    DiFi has never been a liberal Democrat (unlike Barbara Boxer, which I find interesting in California). And you reaaly never hear much about her, she seems to fly under the radar, unlike Ms. Boxer as well. Should be interesting to see who her replacement is, she's getting up there in age.

    And of course she's not answering her phone. She's not stupid. But her office could, I suppose or maybe empty the answering machine. Or maybe they have other work to do.