Saturday, January 14, 2017

Fundamental Error

I can’t get upset about the Chargers leaving San Diego because I have not really been a fan for quite a few years. It’s not that they have been losing games, I can live with that, it’s that they have been playing crappy football.

Football is about precision, execution and imposing your will on your opponent, and the Chargers have not played that type of game since the Bobby Ross era, when they had the likes of Stan Humphries, Natrone Means, Lorenzo Neal and Ladanian Tomlinson. In those days they lined up and did what they wanted to do.

Under Turner and McCoy the Chargers do whatever the opponent allows them to do, and I just have never been able to get excited about that kind of football. Actually, I don’t even consider it to be football at all. I wanted to throw up every time the head coach was asked why the team lost a game and he started talking about what the other team did. Championship football teams do not let the opponent dictate the game.

“They didn’t do what we expected them to do,” he says, which boils down to, “They didn’t let us do what we wanted to do.” Of course they didn’t let you do what you wanted to do, you idiot. If they are going to let you do what you want to do, why are they even on the field at all? Their whole purpose in being on the field is to prevent you from doing what you want to do. Sheesh.

Given that they have ownership that has permitted that kind of field leadership for more than a decade, I do not expect it to change any time soon, so I am shedding no tears for the loss of the Chargers.

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