Thursday, June 09, 2016

Still Bouncing Back

MollyMolly has survived two full years of intestinal lymphoma, and is still unfazed by the twice-daily medication routine which includes pills and shots. She shows no effects of the issue other than occasionally not wanting to eat.

Yesterday was one of those days. She didn’t eat much of anything overnight and wasn’t interested in breakfast, just went in my office and hung out in her bed. This is the point at which her Mom generally goes nuts, opening five different cans of food and trying to persuade her to eat, something which the poor damned cat just doesn’t want to do. But Mom is out of town today.

Dad is more low key. I waited until about three hours after the medication, one of which is an anti-nausea shot, and brought her some tuna. She decided that yes, she certainly could snarf down some tuna, and damned near licked the glazing off the bowl. By noon she had polished off the 3oz can of tuna and was in the kitchen yammering at me about the despicable and intolerably empty condition of her food dish. By bed time, mine that is, she had polished off two more cans of regular cat food and this morning she was demanding breakfast as usual.

Cat bounces back pretty good.

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bruce said...

Sometimes I wish we could bounce back like that. and, napping 18 hrs a day too. Catered meals. etc etc.

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