Thursday, June 16, 2016

Embrace Panic

Democrats in the Senate are staging a dramatic filibuster right now to enact legislation which would “prevent suspected terrorists from purchasing firearms.”  Let’s abandon the constitution altogether and simply send all suspected terrorists to Guantanamo.

Oh wait, George W. Bush already did that. We didn’t like it, or at least we pretended not to. If we did it today we would be sending more than half a million people from this nation there, at least half of them American citizens.

The Department of Homeland Stupidity has gone ape shit with these “terrorist watch” and “no-fly” lists, and even they admit that many of the names on those lists do not deserve to be. This legislation does not seek to prevent “suspected terrorists” from buying assault rifles, it seeks to prevent them from buying any firearms at all, and so Senate Democrats now want to deny a constitutional right based merely on being suspected of a crime.

Almost eight years after we threw innocents into Guantanamo merely because some angry neighbor sold them to us for a $500 reward, we are denying the protection of our constitution to people without due process of law, based merely on suspicion.

Don’t applaud these idiots. They are engaging in demagoguery, appealing to the base fears of people cowering under their beds. We are a better nation that that, or at least we were at one time. We were a nation which honored the rule of law.

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