Thursday, June 23, 2016

Appalling Symbolism

Democrats are on fire to “do something” and, as usual, what they want to do is entirely symbolic and is, in this case, governmental thuggery of the worst kind.

I have no real issue the gun control aspect of this latest Democratic exercise in grandstanding, but the “no fly list” is an abomination in conception and in execution, and to use it as the basis of an abridgement of constitutional rights is an abuse of power of the highest order.

A person can be placed on the list based on mere suspicion, and virtually every name on the list is placed there on that basis. The list is conviction with not even a pretense at due process of law. One cannot challenge his placement on the list, has no right to face the accuser, and is provided no right to assert innocence. Many people are on the list and do not even know they are on it.

This is what our popular politics has devolved to; cheerleading for morons who grandstand in the seat of government to demand unreasonable removal of civil liberty in an act of empty symbolism pandering to fear.

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