Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Clinton v. Trump

Looks like that’s the matchup in November, which I find profoundly depressing. The predictions all say Clinton will win, outpolling Trump by 54% to 41% which I think I find even more depressing. Maybe not, but Four years of Hillary Clinton?

Popular vote, however, does not mean a whole lot, because we have the electoral college. The real question is about states. Are there any red states which Trump will lose? Nobody seems to think so. Are there any blue states which he might win? It can’t really be ruled out; Florida comes to mind, and maybe a few others.

Sanders would have a much better run against Trump, but Democrats are much too smart to nominate someone like Sanders. No, it will be Clinton vs. Trump.

And it's not clear that Clinton is “the lesser of two evils.”

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  1. I'm reminded of your previous post of a dinner choice of sh*t and vom*t - neither are palatable. I'd rather go hungry.