Friday, May 13, 2016

Mudslinging Is Not a Campaign

The headline reads, “Democrats' Mixed Messages on Donald Trump,”  and the first paragraph of the article tells us that, “The GOP's winding path to unification around Donald Trump has had the collateral damage of muddling Democrats' message as they try to settle on a playbook to go after the GOP's presumptive presidential nominee.”  How pathetic is that?

Perhaps the main problem for the Democrats is that rather than “going after the GOP's presumptive presidential nominee” they should be advocating some principles and policies which they support for the benefit of the nation and its people. Mudslinging is not a valid leadership position.

Democrats should be, for the most part, ignoring Trump and telling voters what they will do to lead this nation forward. Pointing out the manner in which those positions and policies differ from those proposed by Trump is one thing, but running a campaign which consists of “going after” the opposition, "we don't have anything to offer, but Trump is this and that,"  is idiotic.

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