Sunday, February 07, 2016

Pregame Ruminations

A few sports writers are picking the Broncos, but the Panthers are the overwhelming favorite. I can’t even really say which team I want to win, being a long time Broncos fan, and having been a fan of Cam Newton since he played for Auburn. The second half of that is quite a statement coming from someone for whom the opposite of “stop” is spelled with an “x.”  John Elway is is still with the Broncos and is my favorite player ever.

(For those not from the south, LSU, Geaux Tigers)

I would like to see Ronnie Hillman have a good day. He’s a little guy from San Diego State who was not supposed to make it in the NFL. I’d also like to see Ron Rivera have a good day. He is one of the finest gentlemen ever to grace the coaching ranks. Opposing teams, but...

As to eats: ribs and wings on the grill, and roasted potatoes. Not baby backs, but meaty ribs from a full grown pig, precooked yesterday and marinated overnight. I'm not really a big fan of wings, but my wife expressed a hankering and clipped a recipe from a magazine, and I want to encourage her suggestions so I went for it. Also precooked yesterday and marinated overnight for grilling today. Potatoes are those miniature golden ones, roasted until they are just slightly crunchy outside and nice and mealy inside.

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  1. bruce8:53 PM

    I wanted the Broncos to win, and get the monkey off Manning's back (whether you like him or not). And then he can retire (please do) on top. He should have a while back, we all know (and he does too) that his best days are behind him, and if his team (not him) wins the game, it will be him along for the ride.

    Your eats sound good. I got some ribs, but didn;t make them because I lost the chinese lacquered ribs recipe I wanted to use. And I do like wings, so kudos to you for listening to Kathy. And those roasted potatoes are my 2nd most fave way of making them, hash browns being the first. Maybe because that's easy and uses spuds I always have around.

    P.S. Writing this after the game - Broncos won, mostly due to a stifling defense and forcing Carolina fumbles. Von Miller won MVP, which is appropriate. Yes, Manning was along for the ride, but he had a share. I hope he doesn't try and pull an Elway and come back next year.