Monday, February 29, 2016

No Crystal Ball Needed

In addition to mind reading, I also flunked fortune telling in high school and so that is another thing which I generally eschew in discussion and writing. Still, one can see trends without needing the use of a crystal ball.

Democrats are concerned about low turnouts in the primary elections and, for the most part, are unsure what to do about it. Consensus seems to be they need a higher profile by the likes of Bill Clinton on the campaign trail, and that the candidates perhaps need to yell a little louder or something.

It doesn’t occur to them that while Hillary Clinton is viewed by 53% of Democratic voters as “not honest or trustworthy,”  everyone in the Democratic establishment is telling voters that if they nominate Bernie Sanders they will lose the White House to the Republicans. I can think of no better strategy for keeping voters away from the polls in droves.

Meanwhile, Republicans are trying to find a way to get rid of Donald Trump because he is winning. Do I need to explain the insanity of that?

This election is going to be a) disgusting and b) weird.

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  1. bruce8:42 AM

    All elections are weird. Ok, maybe not all, but something can be found that is off about them.

    The Rubs are scared that Trump will (1) lose the general election to any democrat or (2) make Bush 43 look good or (3) not beholden to the Rub party line etc.

    Hillary is the Dems golden girl, the anointed one, who was usurped in 2008 by a dark horse candidate who took away everything she had going (youth, vigor, cachet, the black vote, etc) and she (and them) do not want to be denied again.

    I'm not excited about either one. And forget Ted Cruz Missle, AKA Loose Cannon.