Sunday, December 06, 2015

Well, That Was Rude

The Denver Broncos came to San Diego and basically played football for one offensive series. They took the opening kickoff, effortlessly drove the length of the field for a touchdown, and then effectively hung up their cleats and dallied with us for the rest of the game. They decided that San Diego could not score more than three points and that that one touchdown was all they needed for a win. They were right.

They did accept a gift in the form of an interception from Philip Rivers, which their defense ran back for another touchdown, but that was not necessary to their winning effort. Philip Rivers completed 51% of his passes and wound up with a quarterback rating of 57.1 for the day.

The Chargers offense, at this point, has not scored a touchdown in more than 2½ games.

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  1. bruce8:43 AM

    Get rid f the bums, make 'em come to LA