Sunday, December 06, 2015

How To Make My Day

I was reading an article about fast food work that reminded me of a lunch stop I made a couple months ago. It was a Carl's Junior, which I seldom go to, so I am unfamiliar with the menu. A young African-American person, about eighteen, greeted me when I approached the counter and I asked her what was good for a light lunch. She met my eyes and smiled as she made a suggestion, and again as she gave me a numbered card, thanked me pleasantly for my order, and told me my food would be brought to my table.

It was the same person who brought out my order and, again, there was a meeting of the eyes and a smile as she told me to enjoy my lunch. I told her that she could make a good career in customer service because she is very good at it, and thanked her for the good service. Got a really big smile in return.

The burger wasn't all that good, but it was a nice lunch.

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  1. bruce8:45 AM

    Good customer service is very much a good thing and too rare often enough.