Thursday, June 04, 2015

Who's In Charge?

Eric Weddle is beginning the final year of his contract, a year during which he will earn receive $8 million. He “feels highly disrespected”  that the Chargers have not contacted him about extending that contract, and has retaliated by not attending voluntary team workouts.

The general manager finally responded by announcing that the team would not only not extend the contract before this season, but that they would not discuss the contract after the season either. I think Tom Telesco is sending a message that he is not going to let the employees run the store.

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  1. bruce8:57 AM

    Someone looks at you sideways on the street and you get shot for "disrespect"... what's going on here?

    This is a business, dude, not a rapper /gangster street walk. Do what you are contracted to do, earn your salary and then (depending on your performance and what the team needs), we'll talk contract. Kinda shows his (lack of) work ethic by stopping workouts because he feels "disrespected". If I was a team member, I'd says he's earned that disrespect.