Saturday, May 18, 2013

The "Danica Rule"

In addition to the winner of today's "Showdown" race, one car voted on by the fans will be promoted to the "All Star" race this evening. Last year, and most previous years, only cars finishing on the lead lap were eligible for that voting, but this year any car that "finishes in racing condition" is eligible.

There are those with nasty, dirty little minds who think that the rule change was made to assure that Danica, with her proclivity for not finishing on the lead lap, would be eligible for the fan vote. The race is 40 laps and she lost her first lap after 27 laps last week, and after 38 laps the week before. All of which would suggest she'll go a lap down on lap 18 or so this week.

Actually, though, I'm predicting she'll stay on the lead lap. Charlotte is a high speed track with wide turns, and drivers pretty much keep the gas pedal on the floor all the way around the track. The more similar to Daytona a track is the better Danica does. It's this braking, accelerating and steering all at the same time that stumps her. Walking and chewing gum at the same time is tricky for her, too. Merely steering alone she can handle reasonably well.

Talking to a reporter without a prepared script, bye the way, is utterly beyond her. She knits her brows, looks very serious, and produces absolute gibberish, leaving the reporter to walk away shaking his head.

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  1. Danica seems to be more reviled that Jeff Gordon was years back. She looks a better though.