Thursday, May 23, 2013

Major Speech Today

President Obama is going to make an “important” speech today about “national security” in which he will once again issue high sounding phrases about the importance of closing Guantanamo, which we have heard before, and about “the dangers that the nation still faces.”

I can’t wait. I suspect this one is going to set a new record for bullshit.

He has paved the way by announcing yesterday that four Americans have been killed by Hellfire missiles fired from drones, but that only one was on purpose. So that’s okay then, we can all rest easy. If our president kills us it will be by accident, which will make our families feel so much better.

That answers the question I asked about legitimacy a few days ago, too. Legitimacy, it seems, is only lost if you are “killing your own people” deliberately. Accidents don’t count, so Obama retains his “legitimacy to govern.” Assuming, that is, that that’s what he’s doing.

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