Sunday, May 12, 2013

Stock Cars This Week

There has always been debate as to whether or not NASCAR race drivers are or are not athletes. I have no opinion on the subject, and don’t really care, but am not swayed by many of the arguments I hear from proponents of either point of view.

Pete Pistone at Motor Racing Network, who probably cannot be accused of being impartial on the subject, points to the return of Denny Hamlin to the Darlington 500 last night, six weeks after having surgery for stress fractures on several vertebrae in his lower back. “Anyone that doubts NASCAR drivers are athletes need only to look at Hamlin’s effort to see how wrong they are on the subject,” he says.

That’s one way to look at it, I guess. Another point of view might be that driving a stock car is so physically undemanding that it can be done even with a broken back. I’m not taking that position, you understand, I’m just saying that sometimes what you think is proof…

Danica Patrick Watch: She started 40th and finished 28th, gaining 12 positions because 11 cars ahead of her wrecked. She was 5 laps down to the leader, needing to be only 27 laps into the race this week to lose her first lap, which I think is a new record for her.

Question for Fox Sports: How many people would watch a football game if the television only showed one player at a time? Right, then why do you think that people watching an auto race only want to see one car at a time?


  1. Mad Mikie3:47 AM

    Fox uses what I call MYOPIC VISION. You only get to see 1-2 cars at a time and only about 14 cars during what's alleged to be a race. It looks more like a highlight reel or infomercial for certain commercial entities. If it's not a Hendrick or one of its subsidiary cars, a Toyota, or Edwards and his Subway sponsored Ford, it won't be shown. No wonder Phoenix Racing is closing its doors.

    If you've been following Fox since Daytona, the message from thing consist of 3 things. Dale Jr, Danica, and the Gen 6 car. They're all so great if you believe what the shills have to say. When was the last time a a 28th place driver who was 3-6 laps down was ever interviewed? Never until Danica showed up. But then she's the new savior of NA$CAR. She's going to save NA$CAR from itself and return NA$CAR to its former glory like in the days of Winston Cup and before the idiot son Brian France took over. Ain't gonna happen. Simple as that. Not unless the Frances bring in an outsider with brains (Humpy Wheeler) and a willingness to listen to the fans (Humpy Wheeler) about not only the racing but also how the races are covered and presented on TV.

    When you can make races like Darlington and Martinsville look boring, you know the coverage is piss poor.

  2. I think that race car drivers are athletes of sorts. There is a lot more to it than meets the eye I would bet. I know that motocross racers are athletes. Golfers? Not so much.