Thursday, April 25, 2013


Meat labeling: When shopping for pork in the future you will no longer be looking for “pork chops,” you will be choosing between “porterhouse chops, rib-eye chops” and “New York chops.” This is our federal government at work, designing a new labeling system to make things “simpler and less confusing” for consumers.

A cut of meat going by three names instead of one is obviously simpler than using one name, and the “less confusing” part is renaming the “shoulder roast,” which will now be called the “Boston Roast.” Your may think your arm hangs from your shoulder, friends, but according to the government it hangs from your “Boston.”

Or maybe it’s only pigs that have a Boston instead of a shoulder.

More slowly please: CBS Evening News reported last night that it was discovered that the Boston bombs were detonated by remote control. “Investigators say,” they reported, “that using remote detonators would have given the brothers time to plant their bombs and then safely walk away before the device went off.”

Do these guys listen to what they are reading from the teleprompter? That statement is an excellent description of a delayed detonator, but does not even approach that of the use of a remote detonator. With remote control which they claim was used, the perpetrator would place the device, walk away and, once he was in a place of safety, activate the detonator.

Rules, we need rules: California’s medical marijuana law requires that localities set up their own standards for distribution, which most communities have done without much controversy. Supporters of medical pot in San Diego, however, thought our regulations were too strict, so they sued and the judge agreed. He threw out the regulations as “unfair,” which left us with no regulations. That forced the shutdown of all sellers and growers of marijuana in the county and now, more than a year later, we are still arguing over new regulations.

That lawsuit may not be the most constructive thing that San Diego medical marijuana supporters have ever done.

Someone mentioned to Colin Cowherd on ESPN that he lives in California, “…in San Diego,” they added. “That’s not really in California,” he replied. Hmmm. He may have a point. Maybe, Norte Baja California?

It’s not a trend: Unemployment claims are down this week, “signaling that the economy might be improving.” Last week the numbers were up, “indicating that the economic growth might be weakening.” When are these people going to learn?

One cool day does not mean the planet is cooling, nor a warm day that it is heating up, and one week of unemployment claims means nothing. A month might mean something, but a week does not. The numbers by which the claims rate is changing are too small to be meaningful in any case; a few thousand out of a work force of 155 million.


  1. bruce9:15 AM

    Perhaps the government is talking out of their Boston, oops, Gluteus Maximus.

    Timers would have allowed the bombers to walk away to a place of safety as well as remote detonators, but method of actuating is different.... maybe they just had a verbal fart in mixing the two up.

    That's one reason I didn't vote for the Medical Marijuana initiave so many years ago - not that it doesn't have some benefit, just the initiative and regulations thereof was poorly conceived, written, and implemented.

    Maybe San Diego is an enclave unto itself, like a city-state-megalopolis. The porterhouse cut of California?

    The talking heads are going to get brainfreeze if they keeps this up. Or down. Or whatever. The long term trend is down from years ago and relatively static nationwide. And what about 'politics & realestate being local'? I think employment is as well. What happens in North Dakota doesn't mean much if you're in Florida.

  2. "maybe they just had a verbal fart in mixing the two up."

    Or maybe they were just talking out of their Florida.

  3. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Maybe the talking heads had partaken of too much of the medicine they had gotten in California?