Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Gun Law Comment #1

The "bipartisan" gun control law regarding background checks allows mental health professionals to violate privacy requirements and put petients' names on the gun control list without their consent, and even without their knowledge. If this becomes law expect mental health professionals to join the ranks of the unemployed in droves.


  1. Bruce8:41 PM

    Isn't there a provision exempting them from harm if they do this? And aren't there exceptions to the privacy laws already in terms of mental health (or any medical person) about reporting those that are a danger to themselves &/or others? And please define "in droves" and why? Are they being fired? Resigning? Being forced out?

    Btw, I have not read the proposed law so questions are based solely on the post above...

  2. Why? Because if the law passes and buying a gun is important to me I am never, ever going to visit a mental health person who might put me on the list. Especially not if I'm crazy. That means roughly 50% of the public will be lost as potential clients, or patients, or whatever they are called.