Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Burgers Florentine

Over the objections of my wife, we had hamburgers with Swiss cheese, spinach and a dab of Mayo last night. The spinach was sauteed lightly with a trace of olive oil and a little garlic. She did not, of course, refuse to eat it and admitted it was quite tasty, and that I could make it again if I wanted to. Naturally, that was what I expected to happen.

As usual when I use packaged baby spinach, I spent what seemed like half the dratted afternoon picking the stems off of it. Someone should invent a machine to do that, unless my wife is the only person in the country who insists on it. She's worth it, of course, and in any case what cook would prepare a dish that was not pleasing to the palate of the person for whom he was preparing it?

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  1. bruce3:38 PM

    Well isn't that sweet? and the food sounds good too