Sunday, February 03, 2013


And here we have another Obamabot, worshipping at the altar of Obamacare without any really valid reason stated for doing so. Her medication has been costing $100 per month when filled through the mail order insurance system, and her husband just got it filled at the local pharmacy at no cost because, “It's now considered a preventative medication and under the ACA, it has a zero copay.”

I’d like to see that in writing. While the Obamacare provides for various preventive doctor visits at no charge, I have never seen any hint that it went into the pharmacopoeia and classified certain ones of them as preventive care medications. The insurance company may have done that for reasons of its own, such as the patent having expired, but I am willing to bet that its classification as a “preventive medication” was not made by Obamacare.

She says that she had never complained about the copay before because she had “just seen it as the cost of doing business with blood sucking insurance agencies.” Actually, the “agencies” are merely local small companies that connect her with the insurance companies about whom she is complaining, but And the “blood sucking insurance companies” aren’t who create the cost. They pay for those medications to the drug companies, about whom it never occurs to this nitwit to complain.

“Thank you President Obama,” she says, “you just put $1200 back into my pocket.” Yes, even if it wasn’t President Obama, something did put $1200 in her pocket by taking it out of pockets of everyone who buys insurance from that carrier, because there ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

Insurance companies do not charge you for doctor visits and medical services. They pay for those services and then require you to repay them. When Obamacare requires that they pay for a doctor visit and that you are not required to repay them, then the cost of that service or product is distributed to everyone who holds policies with that company. If your policy is employer provided, then all of your coworkers are paying the cost of that “free medication" in the form of higher premiums.

So if you aren’t paying for it, somebody else is. Enjoy.

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  1. It pains me to ask this, because I'm almost afraid of what you'll say, but - what is " TANSTAAFL " ?