Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I saw the pulmanologist yesterday. He finally said I am getting better, although the pace at which I am doing so can best be described as glacial. He's a good guy, but I wish he would quit referring to my lungs as the "left disaster zone" and the "right disaster zone." These lungs have been down many miles of very bad road and deserve more respect than that.

I watched Hardball with Chris Matthews yesterday. I have no idea why I did that, but I'm certainly not going to do it again any time soon.

I'm enjoying reading about the snowstorms in the Midwest and Eastern US. Temperature is in the 70's right now, and is forecast to be in the 80's over the next few days. Offshore breezes but no significant fire danger.

Our government is developing fear mongering to a real art form these days. Releasing illegal immigrants because we can't afford to keep them in prison. Awesome, considering that we can afford tracking anklets for them and daily calls to parole officers. We are supposed to be frightened about cutbacks in the TSA, but I actually regard that as a benefit. China will be invading Hawaii soon because the Navy had to pull back to the California coast; couldn't affortd to patrol the Pacific due to a 2% cutback in defense spending.

Europe is crumbling into dust, China is more or less crashing, Japan is slowing from a walk to a crawl, but not to worry; Bernanke is keeping the "stimulus" going, so the stock market will boom and our economy will be just awesome. Hordes of people will continue to be unemployed, of course, and those who have jobs will have lousy pay, but that has nothing to do with the economy, so just shut up about jobs.

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  1. bruce8:26 PM

    do I detect a glass of pressed sour grapes with cynical notes and sarcasm overtones and a snide finish? I suppose you have a case of that in your cellar for special occasions?