Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Guards and Barricades

In his continuing effort to deal with anything other than creating jobs, President Obama has turned to immigration as his issue du jour. He won’t get any further with this, I suspect, than he will with jobs creation, but he is a master at being a moving target so that no one can accuse him of being fixated on anything other than helping the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

The White House describes his immigration proposal as a plan that “would put illegal immigrants on a path to citizenship that could begin after about eight years and would require them to go to the back of the line behind legal applicants.” This is on pretty much the same logical plane as “we are denying them space in which to plan their attacks.”

Obama keeps pissing in our collective ear and telling us it’s raining, and we keep using that to water our crops. “Go to the back of the line?” I don’t think so.

Living legally within the United States is not the “back of the line” behind people who have applied legally and are waiting to come here. They are not here! They are waiting to come here. How are people who are already here behind them in line?

Prisons have guards and barricades to keep people in. When someone overcomes the barricades and outwits the guards and gets out, we do not pat them on the head, make them pay a little fine and allow them to stay out; we throw them back in prison and extend the length of their sentence.

The guards and barricades at our border are not some international game, where if you overcome the barricades and outwit the guards, maybe killing a few guards in the process, you win a prize and get to live in this nation legally. Except that is what we’ve turned it into. It’s illegal to enter this country without permission, but if you manage to do it, we give you a pass and make it legal.

And I'm sure the way to deal with 12 million unemploymed is to increase the size of the legal workforce by 12 million or so. Makes perfect sense. It will help to keep wages down without the risk of illegal hiring, and that's good for business.

We are a “nation of law?” What a joke. We are a lawless oligarchy.

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  1. an equal problem of a porous border is the drug smuggling and gang.drug warfare. Border security is a joke. I know Mexico enforces their southern border and immigration laws.