Monday, December 27, 2010

No Playoffs for Chargers

And a well deserved finish to a poorly played season which began, as Chargers' seasons are wont to do, with a series of stupid losses. Then comes bland statements of "we know what to do to fix this" and having to win the last games to get into the playoffs. But, “You can’t always expect to dig yourself out of a hole,” as quarterback Philip Rivers said last night.

Perhaps not digging yourself into a hole to begin with year after year would be a good idea. Perhaps not starting every game with your collective head stuck firmly up your collective ass and not requiring your coach to make major adjustments at halftime might be the better plan.

On a local television talk show the pundits were blathering about how "once again they lost because they could not overcome these mistakes" and Jim Trotter, writer for Sports Illustrated, very quietly said, "No, they lost because they made the mistakes." That little observation was followed by silence and blank stares, while I was rolling on the floor.

Each year that the Chargers' path has gone this route has lead to an early exit from the playoffs as the team has been humiliated in round one or, at best, round two, so perhaps not even reaching the playoffs is the lesser evil.

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