Sunday, December 19, 2010

Land of Damifino

The "burn down the bomb house" went off without a hitch this week. It was nothing more or less than a house fire, with the addition of a lot of popping as several hundred bullets exploded. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you about the bullets. The bombs merely burned, but the bullets all went "bang," which sounded more like "pop" on television. After the week-long buildup, it was all pretty anticlimactic.

Then the city scooped up the debris and dumped it into the landfill without ever testing it for toxins. Wasn't that clever? Not only that, but the ground left behind after the cleanup wasn't being tested for toxins, either, until some of the neighbors said, "Hey..."

We have some real geniuses running this county, don't we?

Not to mention the city. City leadership has now joined the "We have to stop the free trash pickup" thing. Trash is picked up by city-owned trucks, operated by city-paid employees and dumped in a city-owned landfill, all funded by taxes paid by people from whom the trash is being picked up. But because there is no fee charged specifically for that trash pickup we have "free trash pickup" which we can no longer afford.

What they want to do, though, is charge a fee only in gated communities which own their own streets; something about city trucks driving only on public streets. So not only do these communities, which pay the same taxes as everybody else, have to maintain their own streets, they would have to pay double for trash removal. Nice.

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