Monday, December 21, 2009


On Friday ABC News featured an item saying the President Obama had ordered two military strikes using cruise missiles in Yemen against two al Qaeda sites, saying that “attacks against U.S. interests were imminent.” Other references to the strikes said that such attacks “were being planned.” To the best that I have been able to determine, no evidence or explanation has been offered; apparently the mere accusation is sufficient.

American military and intelligence sources, to the extent that they are speaking at all, are saying that exclusively “militants” were killed in the attacks. Locals are saying that the dead included women and children. We all know how such conflicting claims usually turn out. I find it hard to believe that a cruise missile, launched from many hundreds of miles away and with a blast radius of hundreds of feet, can distinguish between a building which contains exclusively armed “militants” and one which might contain women and children before turning it into rubble.

Obama made a pretty speech in Cairo about the United States wanting to befriend the Muslim world, and he followed that with a bogus ultimatum to Israel about freezing expansion of its illegal settlements in Palestinian territory, major expansion of Hellfire missile attacks of Muslim villages in Pakistan, demands that Pakistan wage war on its own Northern population, more than doubling the number of our troops in Afghanistan, and now with cruise missile attacks in yet another Muslim nation.

George Bush was regarded as a cowboy, strutting around with his “wartime president” rhetoric, but Obama is spreading American destruction more widely than Bush ever even considered doing, and we have more troops deployed in war zones in Obama’s first year in office than we had at any time under George Bush.

Be aware world, if you piss off Barack Obama he will rain down death and destruction upon you, no matter where you try to hide. He will kill you, he will kill your wife, he will kill your children, and he will kill your neighbors.

I voted for Obama; I did not vote for this.

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