Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Left Wing Radicalism

I think the Democratic left needs to sort of get over itself and become a bit more realistic about how the world works. This nonsense about Barack Obama being some kind of “failed president” because he hasn’t done everything that the left wants him to do is getting kind of ridiculous, and threatening to stay home from the polls in 2010 is beyond childish. Even little kids act more reasonably than these people are behaving.

When I was a kid I made a Christmas list every year, listing all of the things I wanted Santa to bring me for Christmas. It never occurred to me I would get every single thing on the list. Hell, if I got one or two things that were on the list I was thrilled.

These people on the Democratic left are like kids who didn’t get everything on their list so they are throwing away all of the toys that they did get and declaring that they want nothing to do with Christmas.

Barack Obama has not done everything that I want him to do. I’m actually quite pleased that he has done anything that I wanted him to do, because his predecessor certainly didn’t. As to the things he hasn’t done; some have been thwarted by Congress or other issues, for some he hasn’t yet had time, and some he doesn’t intend to do at all. He doesn’t agree with all of my priorities. Fancy that.

I will be critical of Obama when I disagree with his actions, but I’m certainly not going to dissolve into some massive snit and become the Democratic version of a teabagger. You will see me at the polls in 2010, regardless of who is running or what the issues are; I’ll be there.

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