Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pork Barreling Health Reform

On the face of it, I’m one of the people Democrats are talking to when they defend insurance reform by saying that, “If you like the health care you have you won’t have to change it.”

Our insurer is United Health Care through my wife’s employer. It’s a very large group, and the coverage is very decent. Deductibles and copays are a bit higher than they were a few years ago, but they’re bearable and there is no cap. I have some health issues, so we’ve had quite a few claims and they have been paid promptly. All of my doctors are of my choice.

So on the face of it I would be one of the ones saying not to “rock the boat” on health care, except that I am not the issue here. Three hundred million people are the issue.

When did our national character deteriorate to a degree that so many would say that fifty million others, those who lack insurance, should suffer so that I can keep what I have? Not merely keep what I have, but keep it in every detail and put none of it at risk.

Democrats cater to this selfishness with the endless chanting of, “If you like the health care you have you won’t have to change it.” Real leadership would demand that we call upon Americans to band together; to say that this is not about individuals; that this is about society; that this is about who we are as a nation, as a people.

This is “pork barrel politics” at its lowest level. In Congress we have individual states competing for federal dollars in an absolute orgy of greed that divides the nation and works against the national interest. In the health care debate we have individual against individual, “have” against “have not.” Everyone is afraid, and politicians of both sides are catering to those fears, mitigating against any chance of achieving meaningful reform.

We need to put fear aside; to stand up united as a nation and do this.

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bruce said...

not to mentional all the interest groups vying for an ever bigger slice of the pie.

Why no work for the greatest good for the greatest number of people? Ie: the citizenry of the US as a a whole. Everyone ought to benefit by it, without fighting over it.

very good question to be pondered by all, citizens, politicians and other entities.

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