Monday, August 03, 2009

Incompetence Abounds

Remember when Obama said a president should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time? Well, not only can he do that, he can dribble a basketball with one hand, wave at the crowd with the other and dribble a soccer ball with one foot while he’s doing it. He’s probably working thermodynamic differential equations in his head at the same time.

I once had an instructor whose IQ was in the stratosphere and actually did that. I couldn’t work the damned things with pencil and paper, and he did them in his head. Obama kind of reminds me of him. I halfway expect Obama to break out into, “So delta Q will be the result of dividing the first differential of the caloric input by…”

The ones who can’t walk and chew gum at the same time is the media. If they talk while chewing gum the gum falls out of their collective mouth.

According to the media Obama is obsessed with the health care thing and is talking about nothing else. (Um, he met with China last week?) The only thing they are going to talk about is the health care thing, and they get it completely wrong; misquoting Obama and everyone else in sight, and bringing on pundits to do further misquoting, lying and providing of remarkably stupid opinions.

If the final health insurance reform includes, "imposing caps on charges for out-of-pocket expenses on private insurers, prohibits dropping coverage for those who get serious illnesses, and bars annual and lifetime caps on coverage," as Obama actually did most recently say, then that will be reform that I can get behind with some enthusiasm.

Can we have another election and elect new media?


Arthur said...

Last time I checked, media were mostly hired guns. Meaning that they are owned by the highest bidder. Which in turn is usually the most foolish spender, not the richest purchaser. (The latter often got rich by being prudent with their money; i.e., not spending lots of it on things that won't make them more money.)
Worse yet, the pundits are often self-appointed and the "experts" are mostly self-perpetuating cliques. Meaning blow-hards with megalomania.

So while a mew media would help a lot, I don't think that a new election would get us one. Sorry.

bruce said...

Besides you can't elect the media. Or put a muzzle on it.

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