Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Health Care Inanity

To indulge in a trivial discussion of another of Keith Olbermann’s inanities, he says that the health care public option is like, "letting the government sell you water instead of relying on the bottled water companies."

Good one Keith. You do realize that the government has been selling us water longer than the bottled water companies have. You do realize that the bottled water companies are making obscene profits selling bottled water, that in many cases they get that water from systems provided by the government, and that their sales pitch is to convince the public that government-provided water will make them sick.

You do realize, Keith, that government water supplies are running dry, are rated D- by the ASCE, and are increasingly polluted and detrimental to the public health.

Are you actually arguing in favor of a health care public option?

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