Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wierd Politics

From Wired Science yesterday:
The confounding part: among college-educated poll respondents, 19 percent of Republicans believe that human activities are causing global warming, compared to 75 percent of Democrats. But take that college education away and Republican believers rise to 31 percent while Democrats drop to 52 percent.

My brain just exploded.

And from John Cole at Informed Comment:
The debates were broadcast on BBC World that weekend. Unfortunately I don't think you can get it in the United States. My DISH network just gives me this awful "BBC America" which replicates in a British accent the worst features of American television. Apparently we are not considered grown up enough for real news.

And down went my brain again.

And the Clinton campaign has become totally irrelevant. I watched parts of an interview with her by Brian Williams, and she looks like a wind-up doll. When asked any question she flips a switch: engage facial expression #2, and start tape #7, go. If asked what she thinks the stock market will do she would engage the tape about waiting until everybody has had a chance to vote, and it's only three weeks until June 4th, and Michigan and Florida, and the minds of delegates, and "we'll see where we stand then." And, of course, Williams never says, "Yes, you said exactly that in response to my last question. Are you going to say it again in response to my next question about global warming?"

Yes, I changed the blog format to open the comments in a popup window.
If I get enough angry comments I'll change it back, but it seems to be a popular option, and I like it when I use it on other blogs that I read and comment on. No, Bruce, you can't display the post, but it's still there in the original window, and when you close the comment popup/window the blog window is undisturbed. With the comment in the same window, by the time you post the comment sometimes it's hard to get back to the original blog.


  1. Anonymous11:24 AM

    first.. Yes, Sir Jayhawk, the original post is still there, waiting patiently in the background, and is more manuverable vis-a-vis getting back to the original blog page. I actually did realize that right after I posted that comment, but did not return to admit it.. so am doing it now.

    second... on the "Wired Science" bit, my brain didn't explode, but it clouded over like a giant foggy "WTF" moment. Egads..

    About the BBC news.. with the drivel that permeates political election years, anything would be an improvement. Anyone looking at this would think we're not deserving of "real" news.

    As far as HRC.. please shut up. Go Away. Take Willie with you. Chelsea can stay, there might be hope. Or not. Maybe just the dog, we'll find a nice home for it.

  2. To add a comment on my own blog - although I usually watch BBC News on our local PBS station, a British accent does not really improve the drivel that is American TV News.