Sunday, May 04, 2008

Dream Ticket

Updated: Monday, 7:30am

The "Dream Ticket" idea seems to be surfacing again; Andrew Sullivan is positing Clinton as VP on the Obama for President campaign in November as some sort of solution to all of the divisivness of the Democratic primary.

I can think of only on thing that would prevent me from voting for Obama, and that is the presence of Clinton on his ticket.

Monday update
There is posting on Sullivan's blog, the Daily Dish about this suggestion as people have written him, pro and con, regarding his suggestion. He says, among other things, that Clinton would not be running for president in 2012 if she were in his administration in 2009.

That shows how poorly he understands Clinton. Not only would she be running in 2012, she would be undermining his presidency from the day of his inauguration to enhance her chances of winning that furure election. That's why I would not vote for the ticket that contained her.

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  1. Anonymous12:54 AM

    I do not want Hill (and Bill) anywhere on a presidential ticket. I've had enough of both of them and wish they would go away. If they are rejected by the nominating process and/or the Nov election, I will be overjoyed. I will not hold my breath on this. Unfortunately, the Clintons are like a common cold, always coming back for more annoyances.

    Personally, I would be surprised if either of them selected the other as a running mate. On paper maybe it is a match, but I don't think either likes or trusts the other enough to do it.