Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Excitement Tonight

There is a primary election today in a state in the East, a state so small that there will probably be fewer people voting than North Carolina had counting votes. The outcome is preordained - Clinton by 25% or more. Its effect on the nomination process is also known - zero. Despite her claim that this day will "turn the tide" for her, Clinton has lost the nomination race and everyone who isn't blinded by a severe case of Clinton Adoration Syndrome knows it. I can't be sure, but I suspect that even Hillary Clinton knows it. Mark Penn may not know it.

Nonetheless Keith Olbermann and Tweety will begin a marathon special program at 6:00PM Eastern Time to discuss today's primary election in West Virginia. They will talk about the importance of it (none), about the demographics of it (everybody was white, and they all voted for Clinton), they will wax breathless about the suspense (none), and they will do all of this after they declare a winner precisely when the polls close at 6:01PM. So after having kept us in breathless suspense for all of one minute, they will treat us to totally meaningless blather for God only knows how long before MSNBC returns to its normal business of showing us all about daily life in various prison systems. The coverage of the election may last longer than the election itself.

I am so glad I kept the payments current on my cable bill.

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  1. Anonymous10:06 AM

    hmmm... what's interesting to me is that the comments link opened in a new window, which was new and different (and no option for displaying the original post).

    As far as the post goes, it may be of minor interest to see what fairy tale HRC et al makes of it all.. if it is anything new (yawn) or regular stable droppings I can put on my tomato plants.