Friday, August 10, 2007

Lego Mania

lego maniaFor those of you who don’t know it, LegoLand is located here in San Diego County, and many members of my family are just enormously enamored of that place. Most especially in that category are two rather rowdy and thoroughly delightful great-neices (that is daughters of a niece), but no few adults fall into that group as well.

You can click on the image above for a larger view, and I will leave it up to Kim to decide if her two daughters should see this or not. I thought it was kind of fun.


  1. Well, I would add at least one more great-niece to that list, if you didn't already. She was debating if she should take her Lego robot to Reed, but decide we can ship it to her if she needs it. She was in a Lego Robotics competition co-sponsered with IBM mentors this year for her last time (since she was graduating and all). I can't even begin to think about the money sunk into the Legos up in her room... (There is a Lego Land thing at the Mall of Gamorrah, oh I mean the Mall of America.)

  2. The great-niece mentioned above may have gotten the gene from her mother- who made a number of Lego things, including a semi with trailer. Big, that one.

  3. Oh yes - Lego combined with Escher?
    THAT is cool.