Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What is he drinking?

Whatever John McCain is drinking, it is something more intoxicating than the usual Republican Koolaid. He has been increasingly out of touch with reality since the latest presidential campaign started (far too early, in my opinion), but he has gone completely around the bend now.

When confronted with his utterly insane remarks about “strolling in areas of Baghdad” and General Patraeus in an unarmed humvee, he doesn’t even try to refute his statement, he simply answers a different question. Sickeningly, the press lets him get away with it.

NPR asked about the unarmed humvee statement, using the “you said” quote and he replies, “What I said was that there has been significant progress…” The NPR reporter did not follow up, so his implied denial of having said anything about unarmed humvees is allowed to stand.

The blogs are not so forgiving. The maha today says,

But “neutrality” and “objectivity” don’t translate into “pretending not to notice when a politician is lying his ass off.”

Amen, bro.

What angers me about McCain’s latest exhibition is the blatant misuse of our military for his personal political purposes. Our men in uniform are in Iraq, putting their lives at risk, to fight a war. They are not there for John McCain’s grandstanding. When he pulled this sick stunt to further his personal political ambition he risked the lives of more than a hundred members of our armed forces.

He is one sickening, lost soul.


  1. All I can say is that I'm glad that whatever happened to McCain happened now, rather than two years from now (shudder!) I might have voted for him (and me a life-long Democrat...) How can the same man who stood up (and, in fairness, then caved) against the torture of prisoners now sink to this... sigh.

    While I'm at it, what the dickens has happened to Romney? Didn't he understand that he was respected for the fact that he appeared to have principles and a bit of a spine. All of a sudden, it is all lies - not even clever lies at that. Just a basic denial and rearrangement of reality to fit the mood of whomever he is talking to.

    I'm afraid that the fact that somewhere close to half of us elected Bush not once, but twice has convinced the body politic that we aren't exactly the brightest bulbs in the string and, if you say something often enough, then it must be true.

  2. The media, in an attempt to appear non-biased, is lending false credulity to points of view that have no merit whatsoever. If you asserted that the trade towers were destroyed on 9/11 and I stood up and said "no", they are still standing, it isn't unbiased journalism to give both of us equal time on the 5:00 news, yet we see this very every day. McCain says that Pratreas goes out in an unarmored humbee - a complete fabrication. A journalist would report the facts - which, in this case, is that McCain is either delusional or is blatently lying.