Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Liking Jacobovsky

There is an old Danny Kaye movie (a cherished memory of my youth) in which Kaye plays the part of a Pole named Jakabovsky. The bad count, a truly evil dude, keeps muttering a line throughout the movie, which becomes so oft repeated that it becomes all by itself a laugh line,
"Less and less I like this Jakabovsky."

Well, no kidding intended, less and less I like this Clinton.

The TPM CafĂ© has a post of two Democratic candidates responding to Giuliani’s absurdity to the effect that only he, or possibly some other Republican, can protect the country from another smoking hole in the ground.

Barack Obama makes a clear statement about what he believes and what he intends to do, not mentioning the current administration. Hilary Clinton merely delivers another screeching attack on George Bush, referencing the current administration four times. She is responding to a statement by Giuliani, but she attacks Bush. She could be asked about Sanjaya’s hairstyle and she would attack Bush.

Why would I support Clinton? She has nothing but a Bush attack, and that isn’t going to serve the country very well after 2009 when he is out of the picture. It isn’t serving the country well now, and you certainly cannot serve as President of the United States of America merely by dishing up shrill attacks on your predecessor, which is all that we’ve ever heard her do.

Less and less I like this Clinton person.

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  1. I could embrace Hillary if she was not such a totally polarizing person. Her nomination would ultimately serve to mobilize the Bush 30-percenters and others to whomever wound up as the GOP nominee.

    For me, give me an Obama nomination.

    Plus, I'm from IL, so I'd like to see him get the nod from Dem voters.