Monday, April 23, 2007

TP Assassin

Yesterday evening while we were watching tv, Molly was acting rather "out of sorts," snubbing us is typical feline fashion and keeping her distance from us. We didn't know what we had done to offend her, but... Those of you who have cats know that pretty much any little thing can send them into something resembling a terminal snit. Anyway, we figured she'd get over whatever had ticked her off.

Well, come bedtime we found out she had merely been "maintaining a low profile." The bathroom was ankle deep in shredded toilet paper.

This girl flees when a bird approaches the window, but she is instant death on toilet paper, and she can find it anywhere. She stalks the house during the night and opens cabinets looking for spare rolls. No tp holder can be considered out of her reach, and she can find it stored inside baskets. She can take a double roll down to the core in a heartbeat, and the results are truely awesome.

So if you come to visit and you need to use the facilities, let me explain...

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