Saturday, September 09, 2006

Vietnam Redux

For those who don’t think that Iraq is another Vietnam…

Once again the military is manipulating body counts. The count of enemy killed was inflated then to make the American people think we were winning, and the civilian death toll is being understated now for the same purpose.

Apparently nowadays Iraqis who are killed by car bombs or mortars aren’t really dead, so the military command in Iraq can claim that deaths are down 52% in August. If you include all of the actual deaths, however, the truth comes out and it no longer looks like we are winning.

Do not think for one minute, America, that the military is doing that without the approval of their Commander-in-Chief.

We may actually be winning, but when an assertion is made and the data given to back up that assertion is shown to be false, one pretty much has to assume that the assertion itself will not hold up. Why else falsify the data?

It's called lying to the American people, and it's unacceptable.

Update: When confronted with the facts of having "left out some of the numbers" the military equivocates as usual. "We do not give out those numbers," it says, for fear of "helping our enemies."

Oh, please. You gave them out last month. Last month you wouldn't be helping them and this month you would?

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