Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Elephant in the Living Room

Right-winger bloggers are greeting the NIE with great glee, with its content that the war in Iraq has increased the spread of terrorism. Some are a bit baffled why Bush would declassify that report, and in particular why he would declassify that particular portion of that report.

Talk about not seeing the elephant in the living room.
It says that there are more terrorists.

That is precisely the message that the Republicans want to get across to the American people. “There are more terrorists, the danger is higher, you need us to protect you.” They believe that people will overlook the fact that it is Bush policies and actions that have increased the number of terrorists, and will focus simply on the fact that there are more of them.

More terrorists (danger) + cheaper gasoline = Republican win in 2006.

It’s all they have. Will it work this time?

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