Tuesday, September 19, 2006

On Liberty and Governing

I’m not usually into merely posting links to other blogs or articles, I prefer to use this platform to express my own thoughts (for whatever they are worth) and let others explore the blogosphere and web for themselves. At times I discuss views expressed by others, and when I do that I usually include a link to the referenced blog or article.

But I have come across some words recently that are so powerful that they have sort of rendered my speechless, left me feeling that I would not dare to try to stand in the company of such giants.

Such as this by Brent Budowsky. I am not prone to displays of sentiment... Well, hell, my wife is going to see this. She has to hand me a hanky when the guy gets the girl in some stupid movie. Anyway, this is a bit of a long read, but every word of it stirs the soul and I needed the hanky before I was halfway through. And it’s only Part One. I can’t wait for Part Two.

Keith Olberman seems to be turning into a modern-day Edward R. Murrow in both style and content. There is a distinct “Murrowesque” flavor to his restrained outrage in his commentary regarding Bush’s response to Colin Powell. I couldn’t find the direct YouTube link so you can see the clip on the BobGeiger.com blog. Bob's comment is great, but I urge you to take the time to view the clip.

This one is my own comment, we all know that our government has been lying to us for years. It has gotten so bad that this administration no longer even makes any real effort to conceal its lies. Unlike America, the people of Hungary take the governing process very seriously. Check out here what happens when the leadership of Hungary gets caught lying. In case the link doesn’t work, I’ll sum it up for you: the people riot, violently.

The Philadelphia Enquirer has an opinion piece about the lack of oversight by Congress. They seem to think that allowing the Executive Branch of our government to run amok is not a good thing and that Congress is failing its responsibility. Need I say that I agree with that opinion?

And finally from Arianna Huffington (who I have to admit is sometimes a little further to the left than even I am) a rather neat piece on The Fear-Mongering Hall of Shame.

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