Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Well, This Is Just Silly

The "Weather Channel's Rick Knabb, a hurricane expert," is saying that
five US cities are "long overdue" for a hurricane hit, and one of those cities is San Diego.  Gasp!   Run for the hills!

The sole hurricane found to have hit California happened on Oct. 2, 1858, when powerful winds damaged large swaths of property, Knabb reports.

The man is an idiot. One hurricane has hit us in all of recorded history, so we are "long overdue" to have another one. Your average sixth grader knows more about hurricanes than this Weather Channel "hurricane expert" does.

There's a very good reason why San Diego has only experienced one single hurricane. In fact, it's a little bit weird that we even got hit by that one.

Hurricanes are created and fed by warm ocean water, and the average water temp off San Diego is about 62 degrees, some 20 degrees too cold to sustain a hurricane. Hurricanes breed in the warm waters well to the South of us, and they almost always move West due to the Trade Winds. If they move North at all, which very few of them do, they die down to give us nothing more than some moderately heavy rain at worst. What an idiot.

Trust me, there won't be a run on hurricane shutters here.

Update: Salt Lake City is obviously seriously overdue for a hurricane, since it has not been hit by one in an even longer time than San Diego.


Bartender Cabbie said...

That is good. Finally I am able it seems to post on ur blog. There have been some Blogger issues apparently.
It is funny that the average kid knows more about tornados and hurricanes than the average adult. It is even more true of dinosaurs (not sure of the spelling; case in point). I remember as a child knowing a good bit about dinos and storms. The only reason I am fairly "hurricane fluent" now is that I have to watch for them every season.

bruce said...

SLC had a tornado some years ago, does that count?

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