Monday, June 27, 2011

Credible Campaign

Mitt Romney would have more credibility, at least with me, if he did not say things like, "Only the Afghanis can win Afghanistan’s independence from the Taliban."

The people of Afghanistan are "Afghans," while the "Afghani" is a unit of currency in that nation. So he is saying something that would be, for this country, "The dollar will have to step up and vote in elections." Or, perhaps, he is suggesting that the Taliban will actually have to be bought off?

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bruce said...

As the paragon of the written word that you are, I'm sure you never make mistakes like Mr. Romney, and are qualified to kibbitz.

And the Taliban may well have to be bought off, but I'm noot sure how well that will work out. I suspect they'll take the money and still do whatever they want to, just better lubed with the Afghan's (ie, US) money.

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